This is just an experimental page to see what I can do. So do not expect too much.

Well! That was quite a start, wasn't it?

How about a look at the old type of screens that we had to use.

Do you play 'Free Cell'? - Have a look at my score. Beat that!

Years ago (when I worked for my living) I was given a crossword puzzle to solve. The editor of our Company's House Magazine wanted to publish the crossword but needed to have the answer before he would do so. The puzzle was called Little Pigley Farm. See if you can solve it. One day I may redo the puzzle in JavaScript so that it can be solved on screen - but for the time being you'll have to print it out. If you want the answer send me an email at contact @ buadaity . me . uk.. Enjoy yourself.

The main sites that I have developed (and keep up to date) are for Belper Cottage Project and Our Garden Railway

That's all for the time being.