For many generations the Danks family has owned Little Pigley Farm. At the time of the story, the farmer lives there with his three grown up children - Ted, Martha and Mary (in order of age). As Mrs Danks is dead, her mother, Mrs Crosby, keeps house. On the farm is a rectangular field called 'Dogsmead' around which Farmer Danks always walks one and one-third times for his morning constitutional before starting work.

From the following clues find the date of the story. (It may help you to know that only two clues have the same figure for an answer).

Clues Across

1. Number of square yards in 'Dogsmead'.
5. Martha's age.
6. Difference in yards between the length and breadth of 'Dogsmead'.
7. Number of roods in 'Dogsmead' times 9 down (1 rood = 1/4 of an acre).
8. Date when the Danks family acquired Little Pigley Farm.
10. Age of Farmer Danks.
11. Year of Mary's birth.
14. Perimeter of 'Dogsmead' in yards.
15. Cube of speed in m.p.h. of Farmer Danks' constitutional.
16. Difference between 15 across and 9 down.

Clues Down

1. Value of 'Dogsmead' in shillings per acre (1 shilling = 5 pence. 1 acre = 4,840 square yards).
2. Square of Mrs Crosby's age.
3. Mary's age.
4. Value of 'Dogsmead' in sterling.
6. Ted's age. He was twice as old as Mary the year after this story took place.
7. Square of number of yards in breadth of 'Dogsmead'.
8. Time of constitutional in minutes.
9. See 10 down.
10. Farmer Danks' age times 9 down.
12. Ted's age when Martha was six.
13. Years of occupation (at the time of the story) of the farm by the Danks family.

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